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Tamashii® is a successful brand that is continuing
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The Tamashii® brand is becoming ever more successful both in Italy
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Bracciale Tamaschii Bracciale Tamashii

Discover the advantages of becoming a Tamashii® reseller

The Tamashii® brand value is based on rock-solid underlying principles. It has grown with the help of tens of thousands of customers
and hundreds of VIPs who have been acting as spontaneous
brand ambassadors.

Continuous research into product development and after-sales service, a careful pricing policy, well thought-out distribution and thorough but understated communication have been the basis for constant growth for over 5 years, making us a unique success story and the subject of academic study to this day.

Uniqueness and Originality

Tamashii®’s origins date back to 2007, following a trip to Tibet, and it is now the progenitor of a much imitated style
of jewellery.

Every single Tamashii® bracelet, ring
or pendant is unique because it comes with its own true story.
It is still made using ancient craft methods and all Tamashii® bracelets are made
in Tibet.


Tamashii® brings together a series of strong values. Every single piece of jewellery is the result of research carried out by being physically immersed in traditional Tibetan culturea. 

Each piece of jewellery has its own meaning, connected with the gemstone
it is made with, but it is above all the people and the circumstances in which it is worn that make it invaluable.

Sales Conditions

Each Tamashii® comes with a price tag and the market is constantly monitored to ensure the same sales conditions for all Tamashii resellers, both offline
and online.

Outlets are allocated on the principle of respecting brand positioning policies, so as to ensure a sufficient market share and avoid any cannibalisation.

Marketing Conditions

The whole Tamashii® brand is supported by understated yet comprehensive communication including visual merchandising, displays, sales support material, online and offline advertising campaigns, as well as support for local stores and events.

Tamashii® positions itself as a universal brand whose value system is based primarily on cultural factors.

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